Liz Cheney

No, the other Liz Cheney

Hello, World

I wish I could come up with a suitably clever and sweeping statement to introduce myself, but I suppose you’ll have to settle for random thoughts about my life instead. I’ve been trying to decide between a few different career options—academic libraries, archives/special collections, public libraries—having only begun seriously learning about the field a few months ago. As much as I gushed in my application essay about helping underprivileged kids through literacy (and I did mean it!), I’m leaning towards academic or archival librarianship at the moment. I always was such a nerd, and besides, I’ve heard that there’s not much room for innovation or promotion in public librarianship. The next step would probably be to take more archival/special collections classes, and go talk to the professors with that area of expertise. Now I’m just kicking myself for not taking the History of the Book class last quarter—I thought it sounded intriguing at the time, and now I’m doing a term paper on that very subject! Well, hindsight is 20/20.